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Our brands, including JBL, EV, QSC, Australian monitor, DB Technologies and more.

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Sydney Audio Visual Specialists has a wide selection of quality Audio Products for any type of Venues applications. Our brands, including JBL, EV, QSC, Australian Monitor, DB Technologies and Accessories, invest in research and development and are always creating new stock to add to their popular ranges. From speaker cables, video cables, data cables to music instrument cables, for a variety of budgets and uses, the brands Amber distributes meet the needs of live cable and connector requirements.

Wide Range of Brands

Australian Monitor

Well known and trusted brand, Australian monitor has a huge range of commercial audio products such as 100v speaker systems, DSP, Mixer and Microphones to choose from.View Details


Built for consistent performance and fast results, Biamp products combine premium engineering and easy deployment within streamlined designsView Details

JBL Professional

JBL professional solutions encompass installed sound, arenas and stadiums, and much more.View Details

Wide Rage of Brands

For any Budget

Commercial audio speakers for public address, paging, background music, 100-volt audio systems, and indoor and outdoor sound applications. We carry 100-volt speakers from all of the best commercial speaker brands including JBL Commercial, Yamaha Commercial Audio, Atlas Sound, Soundtube, Electro-Voice EV, Community Loudspeakers, TOA Electronics, QSC Audio, Denon, and many more.


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