JBL professional solutions

JBL Professional

JBL professional solutions encompass installed sound, arenas and stadiums, and much more.

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Wide Range of JBL Professional Speakers

Professional Installed Sound – A Journey of Engineering Excellence

When it comes to the listening experience, JBL never ceases to push the boundaries. From its inception 75 years ago, the brand has grown to become synonymous with epic sound, revolutionising the way we listen. And while the enjoyment is instinctive, the science behind each and every innovation is precise and methodical. Passionate and gifted engineers and designers around the world
devote themselves to developing JBL products and solutions that take listening to the next level – and they’ve been doing it since day one.

Power and versatility is only the beginning

JBL professional solutions

JBL professional solutions encompass recording studios, movie theatres, tour sound, installed sound, arenas and stadiums, and much more. At the heart of each of these solutions is a meticulous attention to detail, a willingness to develop everything from the ground up, and an absolute dedication to giving artists outstanding sound, whether they’re performing at a major music festival or busking on a street corner.
And the technologies that JBL develops for its professional audience benefit all of JBL’s listeners as they are distilled into smaller form factors, allowing people everywhere to enjoy professional quality sound at a convenient size and an affordable price.