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Transparent LED screens

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Dynamic and unique

Make a statement

Deliver a dynamic and unique look and making a bright statement with our Transparent LED Screen panels. Get an advantage from the competitive market and attract attention from a busy environment. Make it different from a normal and standard window display.

This can be highly customised with size in Width and Height depending on your design, brightness requirements and installation location. A highly impactful screen on which can loop video content to passing traffic, its transparent design allows customers inside to see out, still allowing the natural light to come through and customers outside to see in without blocking any sunlight.

Superior performance

Ultra-high transparency

Transparent LED screens are a revolutionary technology that allows you to display stunning visuals while still maintaining transparency. At Sydney AV Specialists, we offer a range of transparent LED screens that are perfect for creating unique and eye-catching displays.

Our transparent LED screens are available in a variety of sizes and pixel pitches to suit your specific needs. They can be used in a variety of applications, including retail spaces, exhibitions, museums, trade shows, and much more. They are an excellent choice for creating engaging and immersive displays that capture the attention of your audience.

One of the unique features of transparent LED screens is their ability to display content while still allowing viewers to see through the screen. This makes them an ideal choice for creating interactive displays that combine physical and digital elements. You can use them to showcase products, create dynamic advertising displays, or even use them as part of a stage set.


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