Video Wall

There are many reasons and benefits to incorporate a video wall. Video wall improves appearances where providing a means to share information and encouraging users to explore their environment, driving sales and audience engagement. Users who want to utilize the benefits of technology in more aspects, taking advantage of this chance to adapt with latest technology and provide an experience to your customers, positive ambience and make a wow impression.

Video Wall are standard 4K HD screens (high definition displays). These Multiple screens can be programmed into the same system so that each of the panels worked in conjunction to produce the same image. In addition, each screen can also be used individually to show multiple images.

Video walls not only portray information but also an attractive design which can turn a digital signage into a piece of art, attention grabbing.

As an example in Building lobbies providing information on the company, greeting visitors and clients, or providing entertainment for those waiting to enter.

In shopping centres to use in areas with high customer traffic . Use them to display ads and marketing information. With the right message can positively create a lasting impression to your target audience and an image of technological advancement for your brand.

An additional optional feature to consider when incorporating video walls into your office is Touch Screen capability. This solution is extremely helpful to facilitate corporate presentations.

Sydney Audio Visual Specialists understand different types of video walls serve different purposes, we can help you design a solution to effectively convey your message. Support your requirement, budget, objectives where we collaborate with you in the entire process. It is important that Video walls need to feature uniform colour and brightness across all displays. Our years of Audio Visual experience adapting solutions to meet clients’ needs and expectations.

We can configure sizes to 2×2, 3×3, 4×2 panels and more. In addition we offer complete installation solution such as Matrix switching, AV streaming, Audio System integration, Automation, Content management and more.

Make an impact, displaying the right message at the right time!

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