Live Streaming


Sydney Audio Visual Specialists’ live streaming service provides affordable Sydney webcasting solutions that enable you to broadcast your event, presentation, conference, and meeting live or on-demand to audiences of any size, from your venue location to your Facebook, YouTube, Instagram or other physical sites or locations.

Live streaming is suitable for a wide range of events from business meetings to seminars, remote training, and webinars. Being able to connect with a remote audience is an exciting and relatively new way for companies to communicate their brand and expand their audience or potential new clients.

If you want to reach an unlimited audience that are:

  • Highly engaged
  • Excited to interact with your brand

then you need to harness the limitless power of live streaming.

Recording the content from your event and streaming it directly to your company website, is a great way for your audience to tap into the information. It also provides a way for people who were unable to physically attend the event, to still be part of it.

How We Can Help with Live Streaming

Whether you’re considering a

  • Single event such as a webinar with presentations and company graphics
  • Hybrid event that brings the best of live and virtual events together, or
  • Large-scale virtual events

we’re here to make it happen.

We provide everything from the latest cameras and microphones to large screens and mixer visions tailored to suit your specific needs and goals. Our objective is to create the highest-quality live stream video production possible. We’re happy to run the live stream for you, or if you prefer to cover your own event, you just pay for the hire of the equipment.

On-Site Support

Our experienced technicians will set your live stream solution up. One popular option is have a split screen with the live camera feed and power point presentations and company graphics being simultaneously broadcast live in vibrant full HD. We’ll need any presentation or video files ahead of time so we can test and prepare them for the live stream. We can advise on the right file formats and resolutions as well, for hassle stress free streaming.

If your event is being held in a large venue involving several rooms, live streaming enables audiences in different areas to view footage from the main room.

Each event is different, but Sydney AV can tailor a complete solution in accordance with your needs to ensure the best possible results for your live event.

Keeping a record

We can also record your live stream so you can watch it later, share it, or keep it as a private record of your event – just let us know beforehand. We will send you a full video file via a secure digital download link once the stream has finished.

Ready to start live streaming?

We specialise in providing audio visual solutions, handling every aspect to ensure your live stream runs smoothly. With years of experience beneath our belts, Sydney AV gives you peace of mind from start to finish. For more information or to make a booking, call the experienced team on 02 9751 2939.