Led Shelf Display

Using COB short for chip on board encapsulation. It’s a major innovation technology which is different from the traditional LED screen encapsulation.

The novelty of COB is not only that it inherits all the advantages of traditional LED display, such as long life span, high brightness, wide viewing angle, etc,

but also the it can realise wide colour gamut, ultra-high contrast ratio, high brightness and non-glare.

Moreover, the screen shape can also be seamlessly spliced according to requirements comparing with LCD, OLED or other kinds of display screens, the highlight of COB is the impeccable are tightness brought by the special encapsulation of its chip, which makes the COB display have super physical protection performance, such as zero failure point, water-proof, dust-proof, touch-proof, static electricity-proof and impact-proof, it like Golden Bell Cocoon so it could be its comprehensive protection, which could be widely used in various environments.

COB can achieve zero distance contact with the crowd, bring high-definition visual experience and good interaction. to sum up COB enjoys stable operation performance,

superiorvisual effect, multi-dimensional changeable shape, zero-defect and ultra-low after-sales maintenance cost as well as high-efficiency investment return, COB is superior to other market display carriers.

COB smart strip screen emerged, it is widely used in supermarkets (including un-named supermarkets), chain stores, traffic information instructions and overview, museums, hotels, casinos and other industry’s products and information display.

Excellent Visual Performance


High quality, clear vision

ultra-high, 10000:1 ultra-high contrast ratio, perfectly display screen;

Wide viewing angle, super wide gamut

Enjoy a 179.99 degree immersive viewing experience, close to 120% colour gamut display, saturated and living colour performance

Classic applications

Supermarket Self-service Advertising display
Convenience store Airport Museum
Metro station Stadium Exhibition

Anti-glare display

Matt surface for light absorption, and adaptable for various high-brightness occasions;

Brilliant visual brightness 

i-TAG, a COB type of screen, which visual brightness is brighter than all traditional screens

Classic applications

Chain brand store Casino High-end conference room
Luxury brand store Hotel Theatre/ Cinema
Stage/ T stage Showroom Tourist attractions

24/7 Operation

High Efficiency and Reliability 


24/7 Wifi/App/4G Control, Ultra-low-power consumption
Zero failure of weak soildering MBTF>60,000 Hrs


Waterproof, Dustproof,Anti-static,Collision of Physical protection performance excellence

Creative Installation

-coming from this ultra-stretch signage

Landscape and portrait screen intelligent switching, mutivariant shape

Adapt to different installation requirements

Easy control without PC, and the max control range per control box is 8S Sets of S9

Multi-windows, PTP, spinning installation and play, extended display are available

Mobile terminal, like cell phone and tablet are available


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    Feasible to divide display area

    • Supported format of video- AVI, WAV, MPG, RM/RWVB, MOV,MP4,FLV;
    • Supported format of images- bmp, JPG, PNG, GIF;
    • Supported format of characters- TXT, RTF, WORD, PPT, EXCEL;
    • Supported format of letters- Single line, static letters, multi-lines of letters;
    • Multi-Windows- Max video windows is 2SSETS; real-time display of pictures with subscripts, running letters and sings, LOGO, time/o’clock/week, weather forecasting; tailor- made windows with different display contents;
    • OSD- 32BITS is supported, real colour of OSD; video with letters and pictures and pictures in PIP or floating is supported; transparency is adjustable.