LED screen/Ledman

Indoor Fixed LED Display

M Series

M 1.2, M1.5, M1.9
Frontal anti-collision.
Easy Cleaning.
Extremely low pixel failure rate.
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Indoor Rental LED Display

MR Series
M1.5 M1.9
Frontal anti-collision.
Easy Cleaning.
Quick Installation.
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Why choose LEDMAN

LEDMAN is one of the leading provider of high-tech LED display screen products and solutions and internationally known as first listed high-tech LED company. After long search for a trusted LED distributor, we Sydney AV Specialists chose Ledman to be one of their partners to provide AV solution to the Australian market.

LEDMAN specializes in the 8K UHD display industry, creating a full range of LED screens products and solutions, takes 8K micro led UHD display products based on COB advanced technology. 

And in 2019, Ledman became a strategic partner in China’s aerospace industry.

At present Ledman is the world’s leading UHD display company, the best partner in the global LED industry chain, based in China with high-tech benchmarking enterprise, and comprehensive sports operator. 

One of  the leading reasons Sydney AV Specialists partnered with Ledman is based on its high-tech LED products, also have established a LED product ecosystem consisting of UHD Micro LED display products (based on COB advanced technology), 5G intelligent conference systems, LED solution portfolios, intelligent LED lighting, city lighting projects, information integration solutions, and comprehensive sports operation. 

Amid the rapid coverage of 5G services, Ledman closely follows the trend of the times. Starting from 5G+8K+AI. Committed to opening up the information ecosystem in five areas, including smart city, data centre product solutions, edge computing (EC-IOT), smart car digital solutions, and chip solution integration.

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What is COB LED Display

COBChip On Board.  Light-emitting chips are integratedly packaged on the substrate

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Why Choose COB Display

Much Higher Reliability

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Ledman COB Tech Removes SMD Bracket and SMT Reflow oven Procedures

No Risk of  bad soldering, with much higher reliability.

Thrust Test:Ledman COB Can bear 5 Times thrust more than SMD

Stronger Anti-Bumping

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Easy Cleaning,Excellent Encapsulation

Pasted Graphic 3.png

PCB is overall adhesive,Waterproof, which can clean and wipe directly.

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Under 85% humility environment, COB works normaly,  SMD has troubles of failure

Pasted Graphic 5.png

Under a test of running 173 days, COB failaure rate <10ppm, smd >50ppm  

SMD emit light with pixel pitch, COB emit lights with surface, picture quality is much more comfortable with noise reduction technology, suitable for long-term viewing