Interactive Touchscreen

Interactive Touchscreens – Making Business and Education More Fun

Want to make business and education more fun? Our interactive touchscreens do just this. We’ve all attended presentations where it’s been a struggle to keep awake simply because it was so boring. Or perhaps you recall gazing out of the classroom window day dreaming as the teacher droned on and on. Interactive collaboration and teaching makes the experience for prospective clients or students, more interesting and is both easy to understand and fun to use.  more interesting or engaging.


Benefits of interactive touchscreens

  • Cost effective – Quick and easy to install, interactive touchscreens save on time and phone calls “maintenance free and durability”
  • User friendly – You don’t need a lot of technical knowledge to operate these devices
  • Versatile – Devices and software can be customised to display your information in a format that suits your needs
  • Compatible with a variety of hardware – computers, laptops, smart phones and tablets can all be attached to and used with our interactive touchscreens Panels
  • Multi operating system compatibility – the majority of device operating systems are already compatible or can be easily adapted for use with this technology
  • Visually appealing – attractive to look at, interesting functionality, and crystal clear imagery, a touchscreen is sure to hold the attention of your entire audience



Our range of interactive touchscreens are exciting, innovative, educational, and very easy to use. Large touch screen displays are brighter, crisper, efficient, and engaging and bring the  classroom to life.



Interactive Touchscreens Offering flexible ways for you to interact with your team, both in the office or remotely,  interactive touchscreens are the smart way to project manage, review, and collaborate. and present


Why not browse our range of interactive touchscreens below and if you need more information then don’t hesitate to contact a Sydney AV Specialist. “We also offer a free product demonstation bringing the eBoard to your site/ office, for a first hands- on experience of its features and benefits.” Call us today on (02) 9757 2939 or fill out the contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.