Hyped Media

Experience a new way to get your message across!

Hyped media LED mobile display is Australia’s most exciting way to advertise. This innovative design allows the mobile LED truck to transform from an advertising billboard to an ultra-wide mega screen!

Sydney AV Specialist is proud to be able to directly offer, the Hyped Media HyperScreen Video Truck.

We can accommodate to your every need.


Hyped Media hyperScreen video trucks are a great way to advertise your campaign or promote your product anywhere, anytime, put a billboard where there isn’t one!
With hyped Media LED trucks, we don’t need hours to set up and pack down. We can simply drive in open the sides up and you are ready to go. We understand that sometimes you don’t have hours to close roads or shut down public places. This is the perfect platform for all those situations and an affordable one.

We challenge you to find someone that can set up a 10m x 2m screen in under 15mins!

Day, night. Rain or shine the Hyped Media HyperScreen Video Trucks are the answer.

Creating an outdoor visual masterpiece has never been easier, contact us today with your idea and let us make it happen. Wow everyone with ease!