Electronic Whiteboard for Hire

 electronic whiteboard hire

Electronic Whiteboard

Panasonic Electronic Whiteboard UB 5335

  • – 61″ 2 Screen surface
  • – Built-in A4 Black n White Printer
  • – $280 ex GST each



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Electronic Whiteboards – Talk More, Write Less

Wouldn’t it be great if you could have everyone’s full attention during meetings instead of them having to sit and take notes. Not only would you be able to engage with eye contact as well as your voice, but they could concentrate better on what was being said. We’ve got just the solution with electronic whiteboards that eliminate the need for taking notes by scanning and printing out the information that’s written on the board, once the meeting has ended.


More efficient meetings

Saving handwritten notes from an electronic whiteboard couldn’t be easier. Simply connect your PC to the whiteboard using a USB cable and your notes will be scanned and saved directly to your computer. No drivers or software are needed. Alternatively the scanned data can be saved to a USB flash memory stick. This avoids common problems associated with note taking and conveys the written content accurately.


Share and save with a PC and Projector

Electronic whiteboards such as the Panasonic UB 5335 feature a built in printer which enables you to print your notes onto paper or save them to a PC or USB flash memory device.  However, what if you want to write additional notes onto a projected image on your whiteboard? No problem. This can be done with the addition of Overlayer software which lets you project text/images from your PC using a projector and still write notes onto the whiteboard.

Once the meeting has ended, the handwritten notes can be saved from the whiteboard to your PC, merged with the projected image displayed from your PC, and saved in PDF or TIFF format. These notes can then be distributed to participants, as well as to people, who for whatever reason, couldn’t be present at the meeting.


If your main requirement is just about sharing notes effortlessly then the Panasonic UB 5335 for hire could be your best option and will also save you money. However, if you’re in need of interactive whiteboards to be used on a regular basis then we also stock a wide range of these for sale too. If you’re not sure what type of whiteboard you need then our friendly Sydney AV specialists can advise you. Call us today on (02) 9757 2939 to discuss your requirements or fill out the contact form and we’ll get back to you soonest.