Ricoh Interactive Touchscreen

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Ricoh’s Interactive Whiteboard D5510 is ideally suited for businesses and higher education. The D5510’s high resolution display and easy remote image sharing stimulates interaction and facilitates learning. An extra dimension for your business meetings, teleconferences, presentations and training sessions.

Outstanding quality: For outstanding brightness and long life the whiteboard’s 55-inch, full HD 1080p LCD display incorporates a LED backlight. Its adapted Gorilla® glass is clear and durable. The D5510 perfectly displays the faintest of handwriting and the nuances of detailed drawings. After extensive research on ease of use, the icon design has been greatly improved.
• Innovative handwriting recognition: You can write, scribble or draw with the D5510’s handy electronic pen, which comes in 20 colours and 4 thicknesses and incorporates an erase function. Writing feels very natural. The latest technologies ensure that every annotation is captured efficiently. The device also supports OCR recognition: the OCR content is saved as searchable content, which is handy for reviews of scribbled notes and comments.
• Real-time, remote communication: The D5510 enables disparate teams to work together on documents. You can share written content with up to 8 D5510 units connected via the intranet: no need for separate server/software installations. In addition, up to 20 computer or tablet users can join to view an interactive session via the browser remote viewing capability. The D5510 can also be used as a display for Ricoh’s Unified Communication System (UCS) or other video conference systems, while simultaneously sharing the contents on the UCS screen.
• Switch on and interact: The D5510 is ready to use immediately – without needing to install software or perform calibrations. Administrative settings can be set up remotely. Display data from your PC, iPad, tablet or smartphone to the whiteboard with a VGA or HDMI cable – or wirelessly with a WiFi adapter – to start working on digital projections and interacting with professionals or students. You can operate a networked PC from the whiteboard, display content from a USB stick, or view Blu-ray movies via the HDMI connection. The D5510 fits on a wheeled stand that is easy to assemble and move around in the workspace.
• Very easy to use: The user interface is quick to learn and use. With touch-screen convenience you can write, draw, edit, erase, move, resize and save. Using your fingers you can highlight a key area on screen, flip through the pages and zoom in and out. Screen content can be printed to a networked Ricoh MFP/printer, instantly saved to USB memory, or shared via email as PDF file. Screen pages can be selected and captured, copied or deleted.
• Perfect for multiple applications: Design drawings: share in high quality, revise immediately, get instant approval, save and distribute. Printing proofs: reduce print costs by sharing and describing correction points directly. Board meetings: write up, approve, share and distribute minutes, memos and reports before the meeting ends. Higher education: work as a study group, save all inputs, share via email or network folder, collaborate remotely.
• Safe and secure: Concerned about accidentally sharing confidential information you’ve displayed on the whiteboard? There’s no need to be. When closing a meeting, you can choose whether to save the data temporarily or permanently (via a USB key or network folder), or delete it permanently. For remote access, PIN code authentication is required to prevent unauthorised use. The D5510 comes ready installed with McAfee white list anti-virus software.