Commbox Interactive TouchScreen


Commbox Interactive Classic
The Commbox Classic Range of touchscreens remains Australia’s favourite classroom
touchscreen. Classic good looks, including a sturdy aluminium frame, toughened
glass and rock-solid reliability makes the Classic Range a winner every time.
Available in 60”, 75”, 80” & 90”
Combining Infra-Red and camera technology, the Classic touchscreens
are incredibly responsive and accurate. Incorporating multi-touch
technology and gesture recognition there is no question why
CommBox Touchscreens are replacing projectors and interactive
whiteboards within classrooms and boardrooms both domestically and
Greater Speed & Accuracy
All Classic touchscreens incorporate the highest Commercial Grade HD LED displays,
rewarding the audience with superior image quality, excellent viewing angle and
brightness. Paired with toughened Anti-Glare glass, which provides unmatched visibility
from all angles of any light-filled room.
Impressive from all viewing Angles
Connect a Windows PC, Mac or laptop and interact immediately – No Drivers, no
calibration required. CommBox Interactive touchscreens are truly plug & play. A Classic
touchscreen comes ready to use straight out of the box, reducing installation time and
By utilising only the highest quality components a CommBox
Touchscreen has a 17 year lifespan and does not require
maintenance or replacement lamps