COB Ledman M Series

INDOOR COB Fine Pixel LED Display

Model: M1.2 \ M1.5 \ M1.9

COB display is recognised as the latest generation of LED display technology by LED industries.
With P2.o to P0.5 resolution which is a small pixel pitch compared with SMD display technology.
Most importantly the COB technology combined with integrated encapsulation and high-density display technology
results to reliability and efficiency.

Ledman COB LED display

LED chip is directly mounted on the PCB board with higher protection that can withstand 10kg of force.
In terms of adaptability to the environment, COB has the functions of moisture-proof, anti-static, anti-collision and dust-proof.
Above all its positive protection grade reaches IP54 as a result it is the recognised development direction of fine pixel pitch LED technology
in the industry.

Here are the advantages of COB LED display screens:

  • COB LED display screens are more stable;
  • Pixel out of control rate is lower;
  • The cumulative failure rate is less than one tenth of the conventional SMD technology.
  • COB LED screen are low running cost and power efficient;
  • It only needs to replace a single unit therefore have low maintenance costs;
  • Simple to operate.
  • Screen surface is smooth and neat, similarly with its surface waterproof, dust-proof, anti-collision.
  • COB LED screens picture quality is higher and softer through chip;
  • and finally, better optical performance with a comfortable vivid picture quality.