Yealink Video Conferencing



Given the global organisation of businesses today, communicating between offices can be time consuming and costly. Fortunately there is a solution which:

  • -saves time
  • -eliminates distance
  • -saves travel
  • -lowers admin costs


Welcome to Yealink Video Collaboration. This innovative one stop video conferencing system virtually brings your workforce together, enabling them to hold seamless video calls wherever they are. Presentations, documents, and videos can be easily shared in a meeting room environment improving the efficiently and productivity of your workforce.



    Personal Video Collaboration Software

    Worried about Video Conferencing costs?

    Unlike most other video conference systems, Yealink doesn’t require a dedicated conference room or a dedicated network. It doesn’t involve complicated cabling and it doesn’t require an IT consultant to configure the firewall, and install and maintain the system.

    Instead, the Yealink video conference system can be set up speedily with just one click by people with no professional training and it even updates itself. There’s no expensive additional equipment to purchase and you won’t need to hire a full time IT consultant either. Just plug and play – it’s as simple as that! The system is compatible with other mainstream video conference systems and other communication devices, so wherever you are, Yealink has you covered.

    Why choose Yealink Video Collaboration?

    Besides reliability and high quality, Yealink offers convenient, flexible, and easy solutions for absolutely any business, and is particularly beneficial for SME’s. The one-stop video conferencing system caters for businesses of all sizes with solutions for every scenario, be it head office meeting rooms or mid-size or small meeting rooms in branch offices. You can even participate in a meeting from your PC or smartphone using Wi-Fi or a 3G or 4G network, simply by logging into Yealink’s SoftClient software and greeting the other participants.

    If you’re keen to achieve more efficient collaboration, faster decision making, and cut down on travel costs, then Yealink Video Collaboration has the solution. Interested to learn more? Click on the boxes below or get in touch direct with Sydney Audio Visual. We can offer expert advice and help with installation should you require it.