Audio visual hire in Sydney – Importance of High-end AV equipment

large touch screen


When you opt for audio visual hire in Sydney, you’ll save some serious money because you’ll need to pay only when you need these equipments. This will also help you get a variety of high-end equipment, such as large touch screen and microphone to spice up your events at much more affordable prices than buying these expensive systems yourself. Trusted companies, specializing in audio visual hire in Sydney also guarantee high quality, advanced technology and a flawless service to make it a completely satisfactory experience for you. Let’s have a look at some of the top end audio visual equipment available for hire at reliable AV service providers, such as Sydney AV Specialists.

  • Large touch screen: If you want to make your brand stand out, your events should be capable of commanding attention. Thanks to the cutting-edge technology and large touch screen hire services, you can accomplish this goal at cost-effective prices. Even if you own a projector, you’ll agree that it cannot match the high resolution of today’s LED/LCD touch sensitive technology. The interactive features of a large touch screen are similar to those of a whiteboard, but it also provides a lot of additional benefits.
  • LED/LCD large touch screen available at renowned AV service providers comes with wide screen format and is compatible with HD format to provide colour rich, crystal clear images. Unlike projectors, you won’t have to close your windows or blinds to prevent glare as everything will be perfectly visible to the audience even in bright light. With the help of advanced multi-touch functionality, many users can work on the screen simultaneously.
  • Microphone hire: Apart from planning on how the audio visual set up for your event should look, experienced AV companies also put a lot of emphasis on how it should sound. The audio set up should be seamless for a perfect event. Microphone hire services make sure that large scale events go smoothly by taking care of things, such as projection, staging and performance of equipment.

The AV professionals at Sydney AV Specialists are ready to provide you the best audio visual solutions for your next event at highly competitive prices. Get in touch with Sydney AV Specialists today, and discuss how they can help you make a stronger impact on your audience in your next conference or presentation.