Projector Hire


Sydney AV stock a wide range of all the best brands including Epson, NEC, benQ and Sanyo to make sure we can offer Sydney Projector Hire for a wide range of purposes because Every room and event is different.

Sydney Projector hire can be a tricky business and its important to get the right projector for the job. We Stock a wide range of projectors from  We take the time to make sure you are aware of all the different options available so together we can find the right projector for you.

We have a wide range from 2000 lumens all the way to 15,000 lumens!
Did that last sentence go right over your head? That’s ok let us explain what we are talking about to make it easier for you. Lumens is the level of light the projectors will output. So if you are hiring a projector for an office meeting in a small to large rooms with no outside or inside light effecting the image a 2000 to 3000 lumens projector is what you might require.
Now if you need to cover a larger area and not lose image brightness that’s when you need the big guns! 4400 to 6000 lumen projectors are great for bright ambiance rooms such as open office spaces or warehouses.




2,000 Lumens XGA Projector

  • – good for low ambiance light room
  • – $75 ex GST

3,000 Lumens WXGA Projector

  • – good for bright ambiance room
  • – $95 ex GST

3,200 Lumens XGA Projector

  • – good for bright ambiance room
  • – $110 ex GST

4,400 Lumens Full HD Projector

  • – good for bright ambiance room
  • – $240 ex GST

6,000 Lumens XGA Projector

  • – excellent for bright ambiance room
  • – $260 ex GST
15000 Lumens XGA Projector

15,000 Lumens XGA Projector

  • – excellent for building projection or bright ambiance room
  • – $850 ex GST

Now if none of those will get the job done, we have something special for you! at Sydney av specialists we stock 15,000 lumen projectors. This bad boy will get almost any job you need it to do done. Large halls or even the building itself! The Sanyo 15,000 lumens projector is perfect for 3D video mapping events with buildings, cars or large interior walls.

Sydney Projector Hire is something that always adds a little wow factor to events and meetings, so we work with you to make sure you get the right projector for the job.

Contact one of our Sydney Audio Visual experts today, and let us help you get your projector hire right!

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